Sober Home Public Meeting at City Hall this Thursday at 6PM

Highlands neighbors – just a reminder, the City of Pompano Beach will hold a public meeting to discuss the sober house problem as well as short term vacation rentals, this Thursday at City Hall. The city is working with state legislators to pass needed laws to regulate these nuisances.  
We need residents of the Highlands to come out in force and show the city that people up here are serious about ridding our neighborhood of sober houses. It is a fact that previous meetings sponsored by the city have been dominated by people who live in waterfront areas of the city, complaining about vacation rentals. While the two issues are related, different legislation is required to address each. That’s why we encourage as many Highlands residents as possible to attend, and speak up to counterbalance the overwhelming focus on vacation rentals.
The meeting begins at 6 pm, and more information can be had by calling Karen Friedman at (954) 545-7792.

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